How to Find Unique domain name ideas for your Blog Site in 2021

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Hi Friends, you are welcome at eWebguru Hosting. We aim to share great knowledge on this platform. We will try our best to bring useful content for Bloggers and the site developer community. Today we will see how you can generate some best domain name ideas.

Think About Niche

Step one to get the best domain idea is deciding niche. You have to decide in which niche you are going to make a blog or website. Deciding a niche can help in choosing the right path. You can choose any niche as per your interest and scope.

Let’s suppose we are making a Tech affiliate website, and we will sell LED TVs. So LED is our niche.

Find Out Keywords to get best domain name ideas

Step two is Searching for the focus keyword for the website. With many paid tools, you can search for the best keyword for you. There are many free keyword tools. You can use ubersuggest’s free tool or ahref paid tool to find out which keyword is best to describe your niche. In the next step, you will understand why it’s important when we are searching domain.

When you search the word LED in ubersuggest or ahreaf, you will get more search terms and search volumes.

Search domain name on

In Step Three, we will jump to ewebguru’s domain search. Click here to go on domain search page. We will find best domain ideas there. This search page will show you best ideas related to your queries.

Search Keyword in eWebGuru Domain Search Feature.

In the Fourth step, we need to use that keyword we found in the keyword tool. In the domain search bar, We will type our keyword that is LED and will check availability.


domain name ideas

Well, it’s already taken. You can see ewebguru is suggesting some localized and rich domains. You can choose one out of it.

Or you can use our trick to get the best one. It’s simple. Let’s make the best possible combination of keywords. We will try to search buylednow, and boom, it’s available. 


Domain name ideas

Buy led is a reach keyword and can make your site appeared in upper positions.

Let’s Try more related to LED; there are more words like 4K, Cheap 4K, so let’s try it.  We will try to search 4kled in the ewebguru domain search. Oh, it’s already taken, but we don’t have to worry. If we scroll down, we can get equally powerful domains like; it just 5 words… it can rock google. .com, .net and .org these extensions are equally powerful. If .com is not available, you can go for them.

Now you can add your best domain to the cart and apply this promo code to get Discounts on .com domains.  You will get a bumper Rs 100 discount with ewebguru domain promo code compromo2020.

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By wishing the best of luck to your online journey, we will take leave for now. IF you need any help in purchasing domains at ewebguru, you can comment below or contact us via our phone number mentioned in the description.

24 Premium domain Name Ideas.

SR NODomain NamePerfect For
1buylednow.comAffiliate Site
2.4kled.netAffiliate Site

Affiliate Site
4.Machineman.netAffiliate site
5.Puregadgets.netAffiliate Site
7.raiselinks.comBusiness Directory
8.Clothsmania.comAffiliate Shop
10Dredgeit.netNews Portal
11Apetmall.orgPet Shop
17Top13z.comList site
20ovenist.inaffiliate site
21Hostmost.netHosting site
22Asknest.netQ & A site


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