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What is Plesk Hosting? Pros and Cons if Plesk Hosting 2021

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What is Plesk?

Plesk is a Windows and Linux compatible web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage the different aspects of your hosting account such as – files, applications, customer accounts, and email accounts on the server. It provides users with a simple and convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables them to start their hosting business quickly and maintain it without much effort. Our Plesk VPS hosting offers Plesk installation on Linux distros only.

How Plesk hosting works?

Plesk panel hosting is a web hosting control software which allows easy management of account through an interface. We can use this hosting for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Plesk allows you to manage various complicated configurations with efficiency

  • Upload and manage files
  • Create user accounts for FTP
  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Add new domains and subdomains
  • Create and manage databases  
  • Backup and restore site files
  • View web log files
  • Manage DNS and other resources
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There are other uses of Plesk  as well 

  • To create a website
  • To create Database
  • To create an email account
  • To add a DNS record
  • To maintain the backup of the website.

Upload and manage files

This is the most basic use of Plesk, as any other web hosting allows you to upload and manage files Plesk too does the same.

Create user accounts for FTP

Plesk is useful in creating accounts on various platforms to transfer files through the portal and useful for creating a mail account.

Create and manage email accounts

Since email accounts are a part of file transfer protocol, Plesk allows you to create and manage email accounts.

Add new domains and subdomains.

Domains and subdomains are a vital part of the website, without which the website cannot reach working conditions, and Plesk provides that.

Create and manage databases  

Creating and managing databases is considered the most integral part of website hosting, carried out very smoothly by Plesk.

Backup and restore site files.

To manage backup and restore site files is only possible if the Database is being created and Plesk deals with creating databases, which is later executed by Plesk.

View web log files

Plesk keeps a record of all the files and allows you to view web log files.

Manage DNS and other resources

This is the most complicated part of the Webhosting, which is easier to achieve with an advanced hosting level, and Plesk fulfils that.

Importance of Plesk

Like many other web hostings available such as VPS, Shared hosting Plesk is important for its fast processing of data, which is only possible due to the smooth creation of the Database implemented by the Plesk. With the help of Plesk, it has become possible to get access to all the latest technologies related to Webhosting.

Plesk hosting is seen as the most modern means of hosting software available in today’s time.

Pros of Plesk Hosting

  • Automated
  • Modular 
  • Secure
  • Internationalized (available in several different languages)
  • Cost-effective


Plesk hosting is the most modern automated system available to the world right now, without any doubt. Manual hosting produces a lot of errors, but for an automated system, hosting is error-free.


The best part of this hosting is that you can switch to the latest available upgrade introduced quickly without the host’s permission. 


Plesk panel hosting does not compromise with the customer’s data and is known for protecting customers’ valuable data in their Database for a long time.


This hosting is recognized internationally due to its services and satisfaction to the customers. It is available in various languages recognized across the world.


Taking cost into consideration, Plesk is the most cost-effective and efficient hosting with the advancements in the technology easily accessible.  

Cons of Plesk hosting

  • Security issuesBackup and restore issue
  • Customizable
  • Highly compact
  • Lags behind some hosting

Security issues

There are security issues involved in this hosting compared to VPS hosting and Shared hosting sometimes Dedicated hosting.

Backup and restore issue.

It poses backup and restores issues due to the large amount of space needed to build a database.


Customized options available for this hosting are comparatively less.

Highly compact

Since it is highly compact, it devoids the usage of big portion system assets.

Lags behind some hosting

In some areas, it lags behind some of the hostings like VPS hosting and Shared hosting.

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