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How To earn online with Blog Website

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The blog is an informative website, which consists of opinions, tips, how-to guides, news etc. In blogging, either we create our own blog. Or we write blogs on other platforms.

Objectives of blogging.

1. Earning money. 

Earning money online is the main objective of blogging. You can generate income from blogs. Blogs can be monetized with ads, links, sponsored posts. You can also earn by writing for others.

2. Creating a knowledge base.

Blog sites can have the aim of creating a knowledge base. For example, wikiHow, In this objective., people create an online knowledge base. There are many types of knowledge bases like a how-to guide, tutorials, courses etc. These websites earn great traffics and revenue.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is also one goal of blogging. People create their own blogs and earn via affiliate marketing, for example. Forttrek.com is a travel blog, and its generate revenue when people books flights, rooms and tours.

4. Promotion.

Many companies do digital marketing of their clients to do so they approach various blog sites and publish promotional articles and press releases. Some bloggers aim to attract this kind of content, and even they get revenue from it. Advertisers give content and money to blog owners to get a link to their own sites or shops.

5. hobby

Few bloggers are passionate about writing; they create blogs to share their thoughts and writings. Their primary aim is just satisfying their own hobby. They do not aim to earn. They do writings whenever they get time.

What did you need to start a blog Website?

1. Passion

First, you need a passion to write and create something. Blogging and earning online needs efforts and consistency. You must have a passion within you to become a blogger. IF you fail to stay consistent may be you will find blogging difficult. If you have ability to take consistent efforts you can earn online by blogging.

2. You need Domain and hosting

It would be best if you had basic shared hosting and one unique domain name. You can get .com domain name in just rs 599 on ewebguru.net. And hosting for just Rs 1300 per year. It means you the cost per year will be just Rs 2000. Just use this promo Code: COMPROMO2020.

If you want more information about hosting Read this article

A Brief Insight into Shared Hosting

3. You need WordPress

WordPress is the most trusted and widely used CMS for blogging. You can create free blogs with WordPress Subdomain. We recommend creating a blog with your own domain name. This will help you to customize it as per your requirements. Blogs with Custom domains like .com, .in, .net etc. ranks faster and better than subdomains. WordPress is a great platform to use with Shared hosting of ewebguru,net. We give one click installation feature for WordPress integration with eWebguru shared hosting.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords play a very vital role you need best keyword research to choose the best niche for you. Keyword research can help us to find out an opportunity to create a successful blog. Having a keyword in the domain as well as content helps to rank better and faster.

5. Unique Content

To create a blog you need the unique content. This content must be relevant to your topics and website niche. You are not allowed to copay paste other;s content as its against Copyright Law.  Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. So to do blogging and to earn online you need original content.

6. Basic SEO knowladge

We recommend you to gain some basic SEO knowledge before starting your blog. To rank your website. you need basic SEO knowledge in initial stage. You can also outsource SEO work if you don’t have a time and interest in doing SEO activities. On ewebguru hosting platform you get great website speed and 99.99 percent uptime so your site will have SEO advantage. 


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