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Google business email pricing [Amazing G Suit in 2021}

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Google business email pricing is different on every hosting provider’s Site if they offer discounts. . We are here Comparing few plans. After reading this article, we can decide who provides the cheapest G suite Plan in India. Let’s See how  eWebguru Charge For Google Business email. These Prices are decided by Google. G Suite Costs Rs 250 / Month in India for one email.

Google business email pricing



EWEBGURU is an emerging and trustworthy company. This hosting provider can offer you all the costly services at an affordable price. eWebGuru G Suite costs you Rs 2520/ Year For 1 G Suite Account with 30 GB space and other integrated apps of G Suite. This Company Works in the hosting market since 2007. eWebGuru has a great client base across the globe. 

HostGator Vs eWebGuru G Suite

Space30 GB30 GB
Hangout Chats Secure TeamAvailableAvailable 
G Suite appsAvailableAvailable
Google Drive UsageAvailable


PriceRs 250

Rs 250

Benefits of Business Email By Google

There are many benefits and reasons to buy a business email by google. We can list them for your information. These are the values you can add to your business with G Suite Email.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

1.Business Email Give You Online Identity 

Google Business Email gives an online identity to your business. These emails are integrated into your domain name. For example, if you are using your individual email for business, it will look like yourname@gmail.com. Some times your email has various number and character which are not professional. 

Google’s Business email will add professionalism to your business emails. You will get Business emails like Admin@yourdomain.com, Sales@yourdomain.com. You are clever enough to understand which looks more professional to you: one weird Gmail id or one professional email.  

2. Amazing Integration of Google Cloud Apps

You can give ease of doing work to your employees. They can easily manage their office work with an integrated Google cloud app like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Email, Google Drive, Hangout, etc. These apps amazing save efforts and time of employees. This will lead to increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

BG Suite eliminates unwanted efforts and time waste in handling different means of data transfer and communication. You get a one-stop solution from the most trusted and secure company Google. 

3.Best Coworking Experience

Business email by google gives the best co working experience to the employees. Google Cloud smartly bridges them all by G Suite. Apps like Hangout makes it easy to interact with a group. Easy Communication solution leads to grow an efficiency at the workplace. In work From Home culture, G Suite is the most powerful tool to manage business smoothly.  

4.Secure Work Environment

Business Email by Google creates a secure environment with Google’s High-class security features. Your data get protected from various attacks and attempt of hijacks. Cyber Security is a crucial factor in Business and Online communications. There are many examples of hijacking, Data Theft, and Phishing attacks. Google Suite works on the most secure cloud platform of Google.

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