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3 Free IDE for WordPress Development with full features

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Are you getting difficulties finding Free IDE for WordPress Development? No worries, we are listing the three best IDE for WordPress development. These IDEs are free. We will evaluate their usefulness based on the features they offer. Web developers widely use WordPress IDEs.

How IDE help in WordPress Development? 

IDE Stands for An integrated development environment. This software helps WordPress developers to create and edit source codes for custom plugins and themes. This software adds editing, debugging, creating PHP, HTML, CSS, and other essential codes for customizing WordPress sites. 


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Free IDE for WordPress

There are many IDE that is open source and free to use. Let’s dive into the small but valuable list.


In 2014, Github introduced this IDE. Since 2014 they did fast development and improvements in this editor. Atom has a great user base now. Open source development is a core reason behind its popularity. It’s community-driven software. The rich experienced community modified it as per the everyday demands and needs. The flexibility of this software has grown its value in the market within less time. This IDE is developed on JavaScript.

free IDE for wordpress development

Pros of Atom IDE

  • 6000+ Add ons
  • You can edit individual files as well as projects  
  • Easy to configure for WordPress
  • It has cross-platform support.
  • Open-source
  • Free to use


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Cons of Atom IDE

Some users reported Slow performance while dealing with large files. This IDE is still new. So we can expect by time, code will become more mature and faster in the future.


This old horse of long race is still competing powerfully with new young players. Since 1990 This IDE for WordPress development is holding a top place in the Free open source IDE list. This JAVA-based software is compatible with WordPress and cross-platform use. This IDE developed a large user community along with their software updates. This IDE can edit and develop HTML, Java, PHP, and CSS. So it is a perfect free IDE for WordPress development.

netbeans ide

Pros of Netbeans IDE

  1. Cross-Platform support
  2. Powerful debugger
  3. Easy to use interface
  4. WordPress support.
  5. Open-source software
  6. Huge community to discuss issues and difficulties.

Cons of NetBeans IDE

Since 2004 they are releasing only one update per year. So the software is somewhat slow down. The community is expecting more updates and improvements in scripts.

3.Komodo Edit

The ActiveState develops this IDE. This open-source code editor comes with Mozilla Public License. This free IDE for WordPress development can edit all web languages like Python, PHP, Perl, Golang, and Ruby. This one of the

komodo edit ide

Pros of Komodo Edit 

  • Multi-language Support
  • Many add ons are available to extend features.
  • Code highlighting and refactoring are useful features
  • Available For Mac, Windows, and Linux OS.
  • Cross-Platform Support

Cons of Komodo Edit

We did not found any cons for this particular IDE. It is new and created as per the needs of today’s site developers. 



We can say these open source and free IDE for Wordptress development are equally capable like paid IDE. Paid IDE may offer some premium features but for beginners these 3 free ide for WordPress devepment are perfect choice. We wish you best luck for your new project. You can check our WordPress hosting plans to get best prices.


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