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Creating a Job portal is beneficial business idea 2021

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How Job portal Works

is it  really possible to make money online by Creating a Job portal. Modern problems need modern solutions. Creating a website specifically for assigning jobs and at the same time finding one is a current solution of lack of employment. A lot of such websites called job portals, or career portals are offering jobs in different fields. Candidates are free to contact and apply for the job. Other organizations, institutes and companies have their job portal where they post various job vacancies. People send their resumes or apply there online by submitting any form depending upon any specific job portal procedure. Job portal trend is making job searching pretty easy.

How to earn money from a job portal

Procedures may differ, but the main plan is mostly the same. There are some basic ways to earn money by creating job portals:

● When a website is offering to serve as an intermediate between recruits and applicants, it has an opportunity to earn by the mean of publicity or advertisement. When an organization has a seat vacant, they ask a job portal to post this on any front place. Job portal will publicize that job on the page where there is more traffic. So, it grabs the attention of the public, and the job portal makes money.

● Job portals also make money by cashing the services they provide to both of the parties. These websites charge a handsome amount from a reputed organization. They also have a commission based on the number of employees applied for the interviews. Moreover, they undoubtedly earn when applicants pay them. Most of the well-known job portals don’t offer free services, and the paid services are the source of income for the developers of job portals.

● Job portals also make coins by selling information about the persons interested in jobs. They have their resumes and all other information about them. When any company offers a job, they select a related person and link him/her to the company and got paid.

Things needed to create a job portal

If you are interested in making money online, conducting a job portal is one of the most important ways. Along with the right mindset and related skills, you need some tools and techniques while you are planning to develop your job portal. It would be best if you focused on the dimension; you are interested in covering. It means that you must know the niche or genre you are the best fit in. It will make you grow your job portal economically very strong.

Domain name

Creating a job portal or even any website requires a domain name. A domain name is generally called the name of the website. You must reserve a domain name which is easy and unique. You should keep in mind while picking up the best domain name to match your genre or niche. Securing an irrelevant domain name will affect the credibility of your job portal. While choosing a domain name, it is a suggestion to check other job portals of your relevant niche. You will have an idea about the domain name, which is small, unique and easy to remember.

How to Find Unique domain name ideas for your Blog Site in 2021

Powerful web hosting

You need a powerful web hosting for your job portal if you are trying to give your income a bump. The paid services to get specific software files placed on a remote server are referred to as hosting. A well-known hosting company must do web hosting. Many companies are offering their fantastic web services, but eWebGuru is strongly recommended. There are a lot of reasons that made it a top pick up among many. Some of the reasons are:

cheap hosting

● Websites suffer from ups and downs in business. Ewebguru provides its services by handling the job portal from downtime also. It makes the websites accessible and almost removes the chances of downtime.

● This highly reputed web hosting organization is also famous for managing the traffic on the job portal and making it rank better.


Importance of WordPress is beyond words. It is managing about one-third of all websites. You should just go for it if you are creating a job portal. When making a job portal, the importance of WordPress is very evident such as:

creating a job portal

● WordPress is elementary to use. Even if you are unaware and at a beginning level, you would surely not face any difficulty to use it. Its user-friendly nature makes it popular among web portal developers.

● WordPress offers a wide range of services. It was initially created for blogging, but now, it is successfully installed by other websites. It is so popular that beginners are making a portfolio by using it.

Job portal theme

when creating a job portal, selecting the job portal theme is a must. Ewebguru offers a lot of beautiful themes that will make your job portal run fast. Because the pieces of job portals are far different from that of ordinary blogs or other websites because they don’t need to advertise job opportunities. So, you must choose a hosting company that include unique themes to fit for your job portal. Again, ewebguru is highly recommended.


your job portal must be safe and secure. This needs an SSL certificate. Ewebguru provides its services by providing you with the best security services. The website which is visited more is regarded as more trustworthy website and given the SSL certificate.

Why the job portal will be a beneficial business in 2021

Online businesses are the essential tools of earning in the modern era, and near future, we will find them more applicable. Creating a job portal is beneficial not only for the developer but also for creating a space to link applicants and recruits. Creating a job portal for reputed and famous companies is a very wise option of online earning. When it comes to providing ease in providing jobs opportunities, it becomes a source of happiness to spread these opportunities globally where needed. So, if you are planning to make a job portal in 2021, we will suggest you take hosting services of and make money online.

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