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Complete Guide on Bare metal server 2021

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What is a Bare metal server?

A bare-metal server is a physical server specifically designed for a single tenant to avoid the interruptions and disturbance caused by the servers. In a bare-metal server, no two tenants can share a particular server. Still, it is to be used by single-tenant, which boosts the server’s performance and gives better stability and reliability compared to other servers.

A bare-metal server does not require several layers. The operating system is directly installed on the server, eliminating the layers and boosting the server’s performance due to less engagement. Having a bare metal server is like having your own business; you can even rent it out o an hourly basis or on a monthly subscription. 

Who needs to use the Bare metal server, and what are the uses?

  • PerformanceReliability
  • Security
  • Utility-style billing


This server’s performance is top-notch due to fewer layers and less engagement of noisy neighbors as it eliminates layers by directly installing an operating system to the server. Therefore tenants who need the better performance of the server must opt for this server.


This server is specifically designed for a single-tenant, and not more than a single-tenant can use this service. It provides better reliability and good stability. Due to less engagement, the durability of the server increases.


As this server allows very limited tenants to use the server, the database’s data is much lesser than the other data database. Hence, it is easily manageable, and therefore the information is secured much comfortably compared to the other servers.

Utility-style billing

This billing style keeps costs under control as it allows you to pay only for what you have used and not any other extra charges. This is an accurate consumption-based pricing system that means you pay only for what you have consumed, and this is an excellent policy that other servers must adopt.

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Pros and cons of Bare metal server 


  • Limitation of users
  • Root access
  • Multiple guest system

Limitation of users

The server’s dedicated hardware is available only for a single-tenant, and it should not exceed more than a single tenant. This limitation boosts up the performance of the server by providing better stability, durability, and reliability. The probability of any form of errors in the server is less due to less engagement of consumers.

Root access

With the introduction of root access, individual implementation is being possible. It plays a significant role in designing the server and limiting the server’s availability for single-tenant, and improving performance. So basically, the complete design of a bare metal server is based on root access.

kIf it were not for root access, the single tenancy would not be possible, and thus in high line stability, reliability, durability, security would not even be possible.

Multiple guest system

Since the Bare metal server does not allow more than a single tenancy, a multiple guest system is not ideal. Still, on the other side, for operating various guests on the bare metal server, a user-managed native hypervisor can be used. By using a native hypervisor, multiple guests can work on a bare metal server.

Therefore, empty metal servers are open to any technology advancement and quickly upgraded to the latest software and hardware technology. Hence bare metal server provides versatility.


  • Higher knowledge
  • Higher cost

As we look upon the cons, there are not many things to talk about, but few things include

Higher Knowledge

Higher knowledge of server administration is required, which is directly proportional to the highly skilled server administrator’s deployment to regularly look upon the system and fix the issues as soon as one has occurred. This indirectly adds up to the server’s cost and thus making it expensive compared to other servers available.

This can also prove to be a boon as the data becomes highly secured as it is looked upon by some highly skilled technical administrators.

High cost

Since bare metal server involves many kinds of advancements, the server’s cost naturally goes up but, on the contrary, leaves us with a more secured, more stable, more reliable, and more durable server. Bare metal servers are generally higher in cost compared to other dedicated servers available.

Top Bare metal server providers

· eWebGuru Cloud Bare Metal Servers

· Oracle Bare Metal Instance

· Amazon EC2 C5 Instances

· Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance

· Fasthost Bare Metal Servers

· Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers

· Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud

· Redstation Gaming bare metal servers

· HEFICED bare metal servers

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