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What is best hosting for elearning website in 2021

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What is best hosting for elearning website in 2021

We all are watching how rapidly eLearning platforms are growing. We all know now onwards people will prefer to learn online as they have seen it’s easy and possible. So if you plan to make an eLearning platform, you must be looking for the best hosting for eLearning website. So we decided to answer your question.

Steps to find out best hosting for eLearning Website

Let’s see some steps to find the best hosting for the eLearning platform. These steps will help you to smooth your selection process. Make sure you follow these steps to choose cheap hosting for a learning platform.

How to Create eLearning Website like skillshare on WordPress in 2021

1.Estimate Traffic: 

YOu must estimate your traffic to start. You can check with your SEO manager, who is going to handle your SEO operations. You have to look at your paid traffic budgets, organic traffic estimate, and social traffic budgets. As per your budget, you can do marketing and then drive the desired traffic. For average traffic sites, shared hosting with unlimited space is fine. As you are going to upload video content, you need unlimited space.

If you are going to play big, then you must buy VPS hosting. eWebguru VPS plan from just Rs 599 per month.

2.Estimate Space Requirement

Website scripts, themes need a small size on disk, but your video lectures will take a lot of disk space. You need to estimate the average video size and number of video lessons you will post on site. So you will get an idea about which is suitable hosting for your eLearning portal. You must have an idea about the space you required. This calculation may be critical. That’s why we recommend eWebguru hosting Unlimited space.

3.List out technical Requirements.

When you decide which hosting is best for an elearning website, you must list our technical requirements. You can consult with your web developer for this thing. They can help you to choose the best configuration of vCPU, RAM, SSD space, Bandwidth, etc. technical things. 


4.Don’t ignore Security.

It would be best to look at the hosting type, which givers security to your customers, transactions, and valuable content. It would help if you had Malware, DDoS protection for your site. You will need hosting with free SSL. Check out hosting plans which have these features.  

Why is VPS Best hosting for an eLearning Website?

As per our knowledge and experience, we need to recommend VPS hosting for the eLearning website highly. Let’s see why we are saying so.

More Space:

You will need more space for hosting your videos. As you know, video files are big in size, so we must be prepared with a large SSD space. eWebguru VPS gives 30 GB of space in their basic plan and more in premium plans. Extra space will add flexibility to your site.

Unlimited Bandwidth

With our VPS plans, you get unlimited bandwidth. You can handle as much traffic and data transfer you want. Your site will not feel any issue of video buffering. Website loses its reputation if its get slower or buffer. People start bouncing back to other sites. This leads to a fall in google rank. So make sure you get unlimited bandwidth.

VPS is secure than Shared hosting

VPS hosting provides more security features than shared hosting. VPS works as virtual private server no one shares your IP, so you get a more secure environment. to host eLearning platform you need such security features. eWebGuru VPS is protected with a secure firewall. It prevents malware and DDoS attacks.


We can conclude with declaringing VPS is best choice because Dedicated server is only option which gives VPS like features but its too costly for new business startups. VPS is perfect package of features with affordable prices.


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