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Having your website these days has become relatively easier and fast. The only attention you need is for choosing the domain, and you can go for shared hosting to own your blog. The question herein is whether you can rely on shared hosting forever.

If not, then do you know when your plan needs to be upgraded to VPS hosting? This article briefs you on the benefits of VPS hosting over shared hosting.


Shared hosting implies multiple users sharing a single server and its resources. These plans are the most affordable and budget-friendly. This helps the users to get hosting at a low price.

These hosting plans are recommended to the customers who receive less incoming traffic to their sites. All the tools required for web applications are pre-installed in shared hosting. Thus, it makes it easier to set up a new website.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a shared server and has similar features and functions as a dedicated server. This comes with the privilege of access to their own operating system. It helps to customize VPS in any manner the customer wishes.

VPS comes with more speed and security, more freedom, more resources, and less downtime, which is absolutely required for a high traffic website.

upgrade to VPS hosting

Why you need an Upgrade to VPS hosting?

  1. To receive massive traffic to your website- if your site is witnessing thousands of clicks per day, it’s high time for you to upgrade your site to VPS. More traffic can decrease site performance if it continues to be under shared hosting. So it is recommended to upgrade to VPS hosting.
  2. For better security to your website- shared hosting is secured, but as several customers use the same server, the data from other sites may affect the server’s security. VPS comes with additional benefits of installing firewalls and security configuration and keeps our website protected and more secured. Thus, to protect your data and your website, it is better to upgrade to VPS.
  3. To increase sales in your e-commerce business – an e-commerce site requires high security, good uptime and performance, better reliability, and dedicated IPs. These all come with VPS hosting.

Shared hosting can reduce your sales during the festival or seasonal sale. During the sale, the traffic becomes high, and with shared hosting, the page loading will become slow, or it may show a blank page. This drops down the interest of your customer, and they opt for the alternative source. This affects your e-commerce business.

  1. To rank for SEO- if you use shared hosting, there will be several sites using similar IPs as yours. In such a case, if there are sites that do not perform well or are with a bad reputation, it affects your ranking too. So it would be better to upgrade to VPS if you are serious about ranking your site.
  2. Customization- Shared hosting plans do not come with the freedom of adding more resources like RAM or CPU to the plan. The alternative is VPS, which provides varied options like Operating systems, control panels, RAM, and hard disk space. With VPS, you get full control over your server and can reap the benefits of additional resources.

Now that you have known why you need an upgrade, better choose a VPS hosting suitable for your needs and upgrade your website. Upgrading to a VPS plan is easy. You can seek help from the hosting company to migrate and install the new set up.


We need to understand our need of a resources to grow our business. We can deffinatly find cheaper yet efficient alternative for dedicated servers. We can UPGRADE TO VPS HOSTING

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