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How to Create eLearning Website like skillshare on WordPress in 2021

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How to Create eLearning Website like skillshare on WordPress

eLearning Site creation seems critical but its not impossible. eLearning platforms have a great future. You can defiantly earn good revenue through it. This is full guide to make a online course website from scratch in 2021.

Before jumping in we need to understand what are the technical requirements to make a online course platform.

Technical Requirements to create eLearning Website on wordpress.

Basically we need to list out things we have and things we need to make a wordpress elearning website.

1.VPS: Virtual Private Server

You will think Why VPS> Why we are not recommending Shared hosting? Friends, eLearning platform and Blogging sites are different their requirements of resources are also different. One eLearning site which needs to run heavy videos need highly powerful CPU, at least 3 GB RAM and bandwidth in TB. Shared hosting has limitations on a resource. As resources are shared between multiple users it gets more stress on a website.

Shared hosting can be sufficient for the blog sites and other text based sites. When it comes to uploading heavy video files and running it without buffering Shared hosting will not work. You need VPS hosting to create an eLearning Website.

We decided to encourage start ups by offering VPS in Just $ 11.50 a month. We offer 3 GB RAM for heavy data transfer, 10 GB space, Core 2 vCPU to faster performance. You get a Free SSL, Free control panel and many other features.

You can check Detailed VPS Prices


After VPS you will need one cPanel. If you get VPS from reputed company like eWebGuru, they offer free cPanel with VPS. cPanel is required for controlling database, file manager, Emails, Domains and subdomains. cPanel helps as control dashboard for the hosting and site.


Then we need our CMS which is WordPress. WordPress is powerful application. We need to install it in our Cpanel at ewebguru hosting. After installation we can use it very easily to build elearning website. WordPress is a versatile CMS. When wi configure it with appropriate plugins we  can definitely make some great sites. 

4.Educational Theme

On wordpress, we can install various ready made themes. Some are without demo import but some themes comes with ready made demo content. We can built our own eLearning website with following themes.

  • One school
  • Fox
  • onlineedu
  • tutor

These are few free themes. You can download them from Appearance > Themes > Add New > type theme name or word ‘ eLearning” in search bar so we will get all eLearning Themes. We can Install and activate it. You can change their colors and styles as you want.

5.LMS Plugin to Create eLearning Website 

We need a good full featured LMS. LMS stands for Learning Management System. This plugin will add following features to your website.

create elearning website


  • Courses
  • Lessons 
  • Quizzes
  • Setting Prices and discounts
  • Cart and payment gateway
  • Instructor registration and profiles.
  • Course rating system 

These features are required for Running a good eLearning Portal. Some LMS plugins are free but they offer limited plug ins. Such high featured sites need proper plugins so consider investing some money in getting good LMS plugins. 

You can install these pug ins by going to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search LMS in search bar. > select plugin and click on Install > After installing click on Activate. 

6.Other Essential Plugins

To create eLearning Website you need some other essential plugins like Elementor for building pages, Rank Math for seo settings,  Jetpack for security and woocommerce for extra ecommerce features.

7. SSL 

To add a cart on your website you need extra security as you are about to conduct online transactions. eWebguru gives high quality SSL for free with their Hosting plan. IF you dont have ewebguru hosting account and want to purchase SSL in Affordable price then you can check out price of SSL certificates

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