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Which is the best hosting for an e-commerce site in 2021?

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Which is the best hosting for an e-commerce site in 2021?

There are hundreds of sites that are available for reliable web hosting. These vary according to their specifications and options of pricing. But, choosing the right among all of them is something correct allocation of your resources. So, read the article to find that which is the best hosting for an ecommerce site.

What is hosting?

Hosting is an internet hosting service. It helps an individual to make the website accessible through the World Wide Web (www). Furthermore, the hosting provider grants space on the web server for a website where they can store its files. It is in actual web hosting. Thus, web hosting makes your website available for viewing online. In simple words, it is like a process of renting or buying space for your house (website) on the World Wide Web. 

Types of hosting

In the hosting web, you will get numerous options for your site. All these caters the need of website owners. It all depends on what type of package or service you want. Here are the different kinds of web hosting: This understanding will help us to get a hosting for an e-commerce site

Shared hosting shared web hosting is one of the popular hosting services. It allows multiple websites so that they use a single server. Also, you will have no idea that with what website you are sharing the server resources. Moreover, shared hosting is one of the economical options for anyone. It is excellent to start because you can upgrade your hosting package. But, it comes with limitations too. The time load of shared hosting is slow. Also, as the server is sharing so, it can be overburdened. The server has not the highest level of customization options. 


VPS stands for a virtual private server. As mentioned in the name, it is a virtual machine, and you don’t need to control any physical server. Moreover, the server is accomplished by 1 or 2 type hypervisor software. These are Virtuozzo or VirtualBox. What they do is divide the physical server into hundreds of virtual servers. Thus, each server runs its OS and grants a section for a physical server’s storage resources. 

The best thing about VPS is that it has most of the features in a dedicated server. Also, it will give consistent performance. The VPS has more server resources for database-intensive web applications. Not only this, it is a cost-effective solution for your needs. 

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hosting for an e-commerce site

Dedicated server

The dedicated server is a web hosting server that is dedicated or leasing entirely to a single server. It is not shared with anyone. Moreover, a dedicated server will give you more flexibility and power as compared to others. It is suitable for those who want a higher bounce rate. Besides, it provides security if you have sensitive information. Dedicated websites give you a fast page loading experience. But, with all these benefits, it is expensive for the other two. 


Why is VPS best hosting for an e-commerce site?

From all the above types, VPS is considered the best one so far for the eCommerce site. There are some reasons that why VPS is the best hosting for \ecommerce site.

  • It has better server response time than shared hosting.

VPS hosting has a high speed of server response time than shared hosting. Your e-commerce site will run even faster because you share the server in shared hosting. While in VPS, it is not like that. So, VPS is better because the quick server response is significant for the e-commerce site. It gives a good user experience. 

  • It is secure than shared hosting.

The VPS is secure than shared hosting, so it is more reliable. As in the eCommerce site, there will be monitory transactions, which is a sensitive matter. Moreover, there are chances of hacking too in e-commerce. Thus, through VPS, the site is malware protected, and it gives you a more secure experience. 

  • It can handle heavy traffic.

In shared hosting, heavy traffic can cause the website to be down. In comparison, it is not like that in VPS. It can handle heavy traffic. No matter how heavy traffic you have on-site, the server will not down in VPS. Thus, you can say it is better than others. 

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  • It is a cheaper option than a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are expensive and not affordable for everyone. But, VPS is a cheaper option than a dedicated server. It gives the right package and features at low rates. Thus, it is a perfect choice for an e-commerce site.

  • Local Indian servers

The VPS hosting is local Indian servers. They work on Indian servers, and their data center is also in India. So, the good thing is that all the data is within India. And, no other company can make inappropriate use of your data.


To conclude, VPS is the best hosting for an e-commerce site. It gives you a great experience of page loading, faster speed, and can manage heavy traffic just like a dedicated server. In short, it provides all properties of dedicated servers but at economical rates. So, you don’t need to spend much on dedicated servers, and no need to make it difficult for you in shared hosting. VPS is the best hosting for an e-commerce site with excellent properties. 

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