Do your hosting and site stay immune to viruses? DEC 2020 Newsletter

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Do your hosting and site stay immune to viruses?

In this pandemic, we all realized the importance of our immunity system. We  are here to make you alert about the immunity system of your website. Are you sure your site is immune to viruses? Read this newsletter carefully and check with your hosting provider.

1. Malware protection

Malware-protected servers are very much important to make the site safe. Make sure your hosting provider is offering advanced malware protection like eWebguru hosting offers. Malware is prevalent, but the most dangerous infection for the website.
2. SQL injections
SQL injection affects the database and queries. Attackers can influence queries being made to the database. Hosting providers like eWebguru are reputed, and they offer a protected environment for hosting sites.
3. Cross-site scripting (XSS
This type of attack gets done by putting scripts on-site, and by running these scripts, attackers can harm websites. Pam protection is very much a vital feature of hosting and servers. Make sure you purchase secure hosting. In India, we have the best hosting service with high security and affordable prices.
4.Security Misconfiguration
This is an insider threat to the site. If you mistakenly misconfigured the website’s security setting and hosting, you can create a threat to hosting yourself. Your hosting provider must have a smart system to point out the misconfigurations. Reputed hostings like eWebguru have such systems that show proper instructions and alerts related to security.
5.DDoS protection
Distributed Denial of Service attacks is the most used way to harm websites. Your business can face loss if you host your website on such hosting providers who give less protection. You must check with your hosting providers that they are keeping your information safe. Through privacy protection so DDoS attacks will be prevented.
Which preventive actions can you take?
  • Install SSL
  • Take backups regularly
  • Do malware scans
  • Remove spam from site content
  • Keep all applications and plugins updated.
  • Keep the themes updated.
  • Enable firewall on website.
  • Change passwords
  • On privacy protection on hosting.
Who offers all these options?
At eWebGuru, we care for our clients’ security, and we offer SSL Certifications, privacy protection, DDoS protection, Malware scans, and many more security features.

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