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Top 5 Cheap hosting provider in india 2021

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When you are planning to buy a web hosting for your site, it is necessary to choose the best one suiting your needs. If your site is targeting Indian customers, then you should choose an Indian company for hosting to make your SEO ranking better. But with over several companies present in the market, it becomes confusing to know which one to choose. 

If we look for the hosting, we should compare the security, bandwidth, storage, support and price to select the best option suiting for your needs. Here, we have shortlisted top 6 hosting companies in India which are among the best.

I put these companies on below scales.

  1. Price plans
  2. How many features they offer
  3. Customer reviews
  4. Experience in industry. 

1.  eWebGuru Hosting

Don’t be surprised! May be you are hearing this company’s name for first time. I was also unfamiliar until google showed up this amazing place on their SERP. While dredging up cheap hosting providers i got this gem. Lests see why this company hold place in top 5 cheap hosting providers in India. This company’s Tech suppot, Full featured plans in affordable price leads to customer satisfaction.

eWebGuru Hosting Prices

eWebguru hosting Features

In their every plan ewebguru offers following features. I believe they deserve first place due to these full featured plans. I found eWebGuru offers all popular CMS like WordPress, magento, Joomla, Drupal and many more. They give Free SSL for first year. They offer cpanel With business emails. Their plans includes MySQL databases, On click application installs and many more.


eWebGuru's Ratings as per online reviews



Started back in 2004, Hostinger is the most preferred web hosting site in India. With more than 20 million users spread across 170 countries, it is considered as the most secured hosting company at a low price. It provides WordPress hosting, VPS, email, cloud and Minecraft hosting services. 

Why choose Hostinger?

· 10 GB space, 100 GB bandwidth

· SSL Certificate and website builder- Free

· 1 click install- WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

· 30- day money-back guarantee

· Pocket-friendly- ideal for low budget users

· Good customer support

It is easier to set up and has a varied range of tools to satisfy the needs of their customers. It is user friendly, and people with little knowledge can easily access to Hostinger without any concerns.

Speed- it has 99.99 % uptime and the site performance with an excellent speed, making its users comfortable to use

Support- it provides 24*7/ 365 days Support. The support team are active to solve the technical glitches faced by the customers through live chat, emails or calls.

Price- it is the cheapest web hosting company charging only Rs. 59 per month on subscription for 4 years.

With the high speed, security and good support system, Hostinger is the best option for you if you are searching for an affordable hosting plan. So, there is no doubt that Hostinger stands among the top 5 hosting companies in India


Started in 2004, Siteground hosts about 2 million websites across the world and is considered as the safest hosting company in India. 

Why choose Siteground?

· Space-20 GB

· Easy management

· Free website migration

· Automatic backup and restore the system

· Free SSL certificate

· A simple click and install application

· 30-day money-back guarantee

· Customer support

· The free image compressing for WordPress 

Security- they have high security with all the servers using PH7 by default with all the bug fixes. IDS/ IPS systems are also installed to block any malicious attackers.

Speed- they have 99.99 % of average uptime and make our working easier. It helps to load your website with a blazing speed. They provide SG optimisation tool that takes care of issues making your site slow. Free image compression is also available for WordPress to avoid slow loading.

Migration- Siteground helps to migrate your website easily from other hosting sites freely with SG migration.

Disadvantages of Siteground

· It has limited storage

· The renewal price is relatively high

Among the others, it is most reliable and has excellent support. They are faster and are most recommended. With its super security and free migration, it is the best fit among the top 5 hosting companies in India.


Known for its speed, Bluehost was established in 2003. It is considered the best for WordPress hosting. It offers VPS, WordPress, shared and dedicated hosting plans. 

Why choose Bluehost?

· High speed

· A free domain name for 1 year

· Free SSL Certificate

· 1- click installation

· 50 GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth

· 30-days money-back guarantee

· Low price

Bluehost has a varied range of resources to manage your website like a popular content management system. It can handle about 5 blogs with 50000 visitors per month.

Security- they provide you with super security by providing anti-spam protection. They also block certain IP addresses for security and also provide secure shell access.

Speed- Downtime affects website ranking. Bluehost has 99.99 % uptime and makes the work easier with its blazing speed.

Price- it has reasonable prices. The charges for shared web hosting is Rs. 199/ month.


· Website transfer charges and renewal charges are little high

· There is no guarantee for regular backup

With high speed and security, good support systems and payment mode, Blue host proves to be among the best hosting sites, especially for WordPress hosting. So, Bluehost hosting is among the top 5 hosting companies in India.


It is the most used hosting company in India ideal for small businesses and was established in 2002. Its services are spread internationally in across 200 countries. They provide different services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, website builder, domain names, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller hosting. They have flexible payment plans for monthly or yearly.

Why choose Hostgator?

· Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

· Free SSL certificate

· High speed

· Free domain and email account

· 1-click WordPress installation

· Free advertising credit

· Customer support

· Cheap web hosting company

Speed- it has 99.99 % uptime and helps faster loading of the website.

Support- has 24*7 customer support. Phone support in multiple languages is also available through Hostgator.

Price- it is among the cheap web hosting companies existing in India charging Rs. 329/ month. The basic plan for small websites can be as low as Rs. 99/ month.


· Only you get .net domain free with web hosting

· Renewal plan is high

Hostgator is the most widely used web hosting site by small businesses in India. If you choose to get higher bandwidth and storage at a lower price, Hostgator is best for you. So, Hostgator stands among the top 5 hosting companies in India


Started in 2001, A2 hosting is known for its high-speed loading, uptime and better services. Their plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting.

Why choose A2 hosting

· Unlimited space

· Free migration

· High speed

· Customer support

· Anytime money-back guarantee

Speed- it has high loading speed and uptime with 99.9 %

Security- it provides rapid SSL service for protecting websites. It also blocks certain IP addresses.

Price- it hosts unlimited domains at Rs. 329/ month

Customer support- A team of dedicated persons are always there to resolve your issues. You will have access to live chat support, ticketing based issue and phone support.

If you have some money in your hand and want many benefits with the hosting, A2 hosting would help you. It has good security and speed and many other excellent features at a reasonable price. Thus, A2 hosting would be one among the top 5 hosting companies in India.

Choosing a hosting for your website is a tiring task. The best plan varies from website to website. So you should consider all the features before you choose your plan. You can go through the above-mentioned options and choose the best one for you. 

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