Client OS Vs Server OS

Difference between Server OS and Client OS

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We wrote down critical differences between server OS and Client OS. This article will give you an in-depth view of the client operating system and the server operating system. We will differentiate between both Operating systems.

What is Client OS? 

Client Operating system stands for Client’s local device operating system. Operating system installed on the client’s computer device like PC, Laptop is called as client OS. This operating system helps them to run their computers.

What is a Server OS?

Server Operating Systems get installed on Servers. Server OS can run server operations. This OS is fully capable of handling multiple clients and their operations at a time.

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Difference Between Client Os and Server OS

We can denote the differences between Client os and Server os with the help of the following points. We described it straightforwardly.

  • Server OS can handle multiple clients and their work commands. Client OS can run one PC and access the server from the client’s PC with softwares.
  • Client Os has DUI for user convenience. On the other hand, Server OS does not have a GUI. Server OS can operate them via SSH season and commands.
  • If we compare client os and server os for handling complex operations, we can say client OS is a simple operating system. This OS can work on simple local processes. Vise versa, Server OS is very complex and can handle many heavy and critical operations on the server.
  • Server OS is more secure than client os. You can secure client os with antivirus softwares. To ensure Server os, you need to configure firewalls and other security layers.
  • The client needs physical access to his device to use Client OS. Servers OS gives freedom to the client by allowing access remotely.
  • Client OS is the week in comparison to Server OS. Client OS is less stable than Server OS.
  • Client Os is easy to use by anyone. On the other hand, only experts can handle Server OS as it needs proper commands.
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Best Client Operating Systems in 2021

There are many operating systems for Client devices like PC, laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones. Microsoft offers client operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Google gives Android, Chrome OS with its devices. Apple Inc provides Mac OS with their devices. There are many open-source, and free operating systems like Linux are also used on client Devices.

Best Operating Systems for Server in 2021

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, and CentOS are a few popular Server OS. Few are paid, and few are open source Operating systems. Windows and Linux are the most popular and secure server operating systems.


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