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 What is Java hosting? Insight in Java hosting 2021

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To understand java hosting, we must first need to understand what it is java. Java is an object oriented programming language designed for simplifying implementation dependency due to various other programming languages available. It is a platform that allows the development of applications with the help of the same vocabulary.

As it is fast, reliable, and secure, it is widely used in laptops, computers, data centers, etc. The famous Oracle corporation acquired this platform, which was initially developed by James Gosling. Java is by far the most popular and widely used language worldwide and always remains on top of the list of programming languages.

What is Java hosting

When a cloud hosting server or VPS hosting server, or any other dedicated server is being rented or taken on lease for developing any java application, it is known as java hosting. We can do Java hosting through ordinary computers as well. Still, as the said servers are five times more effective than the standard computer, it works wonders while developing java applications.

Java hosting provides a secure environment and is immune to any virus, thus providing a very reliable environment for development purposes. This type of hosting is very versatile, simple, and, most importantly, error-free during running, which is the only highlighting feature of this hosting.

This hosting is naturally in more demand nowadays compared to previously due to the growing use of android mobile phones, which supports this hosting very efficiently and effectively without any errors while running the application. eWebGuru Java hosting provides you with complete control over the access involving any java applications where any desired changes are to be made regardless of the permission from the host or any domain within which it comes under.

Java hosting provides different services, including Servlets and JSP’s, GWT, Grails, JSF hosting, Play, and many more services about which you can get to know in our other article related to java hosting services.

Two types of java hosting that are widely known are

  • Shared Tomcat web hosting
  • Private Tomcat web hosting

Shared Tomcat web hosting

In this hosting, the java application shares a single Tomcat server with several clients. This server is limited to very few features as the same file is installed by several clients. Unfortunately, no one can run any framework on the page and is bound to use the available framework. This type of hosting is suitable for straightforward and small scale java applications.

Private Tomcat Web hosting

In this hosting, every client has access to their own private separate Tomcat installation, making it open to many customization options, including framework features. As it provides a different structure, the data here is safer than shared Tomcat web hosting, and hence we can use it for more complicated and large scale java applications.

Further types of java hosting are as follows

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting

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Advantages of java hosting

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Simpler syntax
  • Independency of medium
  • Language distribution 
  • Auto memory management
  • Stability and mass engagement

Object-oriented programming

it can say that object-oriented programming and java hosting are a match made in heaven due to the compatibility possessed by each other for each other. OOP minimizes the effort by separating and labeling the variables and functions. Thus OOP accounts for more organized attempts than any additional programming.

Simpler syntax

It is said that java language and human language are very close to each other as both are considered high-level languages; therefore, this simplifies the work as humans find it easier to use java than any different language.

Independency of medium

Java hosting provides platform independence, which means it can run any java program developed on any platform that supports java with the help of unique byte code produced. 

Language distribution

Java hosting provides the distribution of language for every other computer, smartphone for easier remote collaboration.

Auto memory management

Auto memory management deals with the data no longer in use and removes it, thus managing space and allowing enough room for new data to be stored.

Stability and mass engagement

Due to the high stability provided by this hosting, the number of users using the resources; therefore, a massive community is involved in it.

Disadvantages of Java hosting

  • Expenditure on licenses
  • Poor performance
  • Complexity of codes

Expenditure on licenses

Java hosting comes along with various expenses, such as commercial licensing for business and production purposes.

Poor performance

Poor performance is pervasive among high-level languages as it deals with very complex coding.

Complexity of codes

Since java is a very high-level programming language, it is developed using very complex codes to maintain the data’s better security.

The top 5 java hosting providers are


These standings are based on the latest survey held in 2020 where                 tops the chart due to its high stability and highly secured network which attracts several customers and the trust which has been built by this provider among the customers.    

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