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What is an SSL Certificate? 6 benefits of SSL

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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL Certificates are a type of small files that bind the code of an organization’s details. It is installed on a web server. It is responsible for secure connections from a web server to a browser. 

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

  • It keeps your data secure between the servers.
  • It helps to improve your rank in google.
  • It helps in enhancing customer trust.
  • It improves conversion rates.

In general, an SSL certificate helps to secure all kinds of transactions related to credit card and debit card, data logins, and transfers.

Benefits of SSL Certificates

  • SSL Helps To Protect Customer Data

The security of customer’s data such as ID’s, password, Credit Card, Debit Card details is very important for an organization. Therefore, organizations have to be very careful in terms of securing customer information. SSL Certificates perform the task of providing security when any data is transmitted between server and browser. The data is kept secured and protected. Hence, hackers and thieves cannot hack the data as the data will be turned into an undecipherable format.

  • SSL Certificates Protects from Google Warning:

On October 17, 2018, Google has released Chrome 70. If your site is not fully HTTPS secured, you will get a warning from Google stating that your site is not secured. If you are having an SSL certificate on your website, it will make your site HTTPS, hence saving you from such warnings from Google.

  • SSL Will Boost Website SEO Rankings

With the announcement of HTTPS as Ranking Signal, Google has been making various updates. Having an SSL certificate on your website will make your website secure and the browser will always show a trust indicator known as Pad Lock in the address bar. This trust indicator helps you to get increased traffic on your site and increase your SEO ranking. Who does not want to rank their site on the top of Google? Therefore, it’s better to stop wasting time and get an SSL certificate for your website as it will help in boosting the SEO ranking of your website. 

  • SSL Helps To Increase Customer Trust & Revenue

Your website gets a Trust indicator known as “Padlock” if you are having an SSL certificate. A padlock is an indicator that your website is secure as it has SSL encryption. SSL encryption makes the consumers believe that your website is secured and they trust your website by sharing their information on the site. Hence, this helps in the enhancement of customer trust. Organizations can convert visitors to their site into customers by gaining their trust. Therefore, this is a major step involved in boosting business revenues. 

  • SSL Prevents Sites From Phishing And Cyber Attacks

Today, the number of users on the internet has increased, therefore resulting in increased attacks such as Phishing, MITM attacks, etc. Therefore, it becomes very important to secure your website from such attacks by having an SSL Certificate on the website. Phishing means cloning a website. If you are having an SSL certificate, no one will be able to clone your SSL certified website. This is a major advantage of getting an SSL certificate.

  • SSL Helps in Regulatory Compliances

An online business needs to have a 128-bit SSL certificate to comply with the Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance norms. One of the PCI standards is also to acquire the SSL certificate from a trusted source. Hence as per the guidelines of PCI, a website needs to have the right strength of encryption to take card payments. It is also mandatory that the website provides a private connection on any website page that asks customers to share their personal information. 

Do you know the various types of SSL Certificates?

  1. EV SSL Certificate
  2. OV SSL Certificate
  3. DV SSL Certificate
  4. Wildcard SSL Certificate
  5. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate


Now, you must be aware of the benefits of having an SSL Certificate. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and secure your website with SSL. It helps you in gaining more traffic and revenue. It is always important to save your website from Google warnings such as “Not Secure.  

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