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Godaddy VPS server Vs eWebGuru VPS Server unique Comparison 2021

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Purchasing VPS is hard but important decision toward growing your website resources. When you search for best VPS hosting provides mostly you will stumble upon Godaddy VPS server and other big giants. Let’s see what the difference between one Big brand and One experienced but a less hidden star in VPS hosting is. VPS hosting is an amazing choice to add best power and resources to websites.

Important Features To see while Purchasing VPS. 

Let’s see some crucial features Of VPS. These features will help us to analyze the Godaddy VPS server and eWebGuru VPS server. These features play a vital role when it comes to scaling performance and capacity of the website. Buysing VPS is important decision which will make your business more efficient if you make it rightly.

CPU Power

CPU power to Servers is a significant feature we need to notice. While Purchasing VPS, we must see how much CPU power Godaddy VPS or eWebGuru VPS offers. 

Godaddy Basic VPS plan offers 1 Core CPU; on the other hand, eWebGuru VPS hosting basic plan offers 2 Core vCPU.  

Suppose you ask me why CPU is so important and why we need to get bothered for just one extra core CPU in VPS. First, understand what CPU does in VPS server. You know how our brain process, initiate and send control commands to all body parts. CPU on VPS does same, it initiates, process and sends control commands, instructions to all VPS components like RAM, Hard Disk. If we get two brains at the price of one then obviously it will double the efficiency of eWebGuru VPS than Godaddy VPS server. 


The second crucial factor we need to see is RAM offered by VPS providers like Godaddy VPS and eWebguru VPS. Random Access memory act as a main road in the city. If the main road in the city is narrow, there will be problems in the smooth flow of traffic. In VPS server if your RAM is smaller your data transfer will get slower. We Must see this factor carefully while purchasing VPS hosting for the website. If we are getting Broad Road in Price of the narrow alley, then we must grab that opportunity.

Godaddy VPS server offers 1 GB RAM in basic Plan. eWebGuru gives 3 GB RAM in a basic VPS plan.

SSD Storage 

godaddy vps server

If you are 90’s kid like me, you know how we manage our PCs in minimum storages. On VPS, we may face the same hustle if we ignore the role of SSD space. One website with huge data and traffic needs sufficient space to store data properly. When you are a beginner, or you have moderate traffic and emerging site, 10 GB space will good for you. Website data can be stored properly if you enable Gzip Compression or DEFLATE compression on Website.  

Godaddy Offers 20 GB space and eWebGuru gives 10 GB space with GZIP compression feature which keeps site faster.


Compatibility to run Intensive resources like windows OS or control panel

In the basic plan of Godaddy VPS they mentioned, their basic plan is for Linux only. High intensive resources like Windows OS or Control panel can result in difficulties. So if you want to run Windows os or Control panel basic plans of Godaddy VPS will not suit for you. On the other hand, eWebGuru VPS basic plan gives you freedom and capacity to run high intensive resources because it offers 3 GB RAM.  

Godaddy basic plan is compatible for Linux Only. eWebGuru VPS can run any intensive Resources Due to high capacity RAM.

Prices for VPS hosting

The most important thing is the price you are going to pay for VPS hosting. Godaddy VPS server comes with Rs 439 / month if you purchase it for 3 years. eWebGuru VPS hosting basic plan comes with Rs 599 per month. You will think GoDaddy is cheaper as the amount looks smaller. But when you compare features, you are getting after paying little more amount you will find that eWebGuru is the best choice for VPS hosting. Many companies offer the same renewal prices, and some companies charge more on renewal. 

Availability of Support

Before choosing the best VPS hosting plan, you must read reviews and understand the quality of their support system. I used many hostings. I noticed one thing about technical support. If a company is giant and having excessive clients, they don’t care about you. Mostly you will spend your valuable time on call waiting and repetitive emails. If you choose an emerging company, they care about you because they also need clients. They stay more sensitive toward your issues and solve them fast.

Other Factors

Before deciding to buy VPS from any costly service provider, you must check other factors like availability of cPanel, Malware Protection, SSL, Application installer, VPS CSS/JS optimizer, and Varnish Server. On Godaddy site, we didn’t find clear details about whether these features are available in the basic plan or not. 

eWebguru VPS plans clearly states that they include these feature in even a basic plan. Many big companies do not share details about extra features and services. This may lead to confusion and issues in future. 

Compare plans of Godaddy VPS server and eWebGuru VPS server

In below chart I compared Basic VPS plan of both companies. This chart will give you quick overview of main features offered by the Godaddy VPS and the eWebGuru VPS.

  eWebGuru Godaddy
Dedicated RAM 3GB 1 GB
vCPU 2 1
Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1 TB
Control Panel Free Linux Only
SSL Free yes
IPv6 Support Yes yes
Price RS 599/Month Rs 439/Month


After hosting my sites on eWebGuru VPS servers, I can proudly recommend you to take a look at big company prices and eWebGuru prices. When you seat and analyze the resources you are getting and the money you are paying, you will find my words true. So with good wishes for your business growth, I conclude this comparison of GoDaddy VPS server and eWebGuru VPS server. Keep your mind open and stay away from false commitments. 

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